Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Out-of-body Experience

A lazy man watching a tennis match is suddenly teleported into the body of one of the players.

He, of course, is terrible.

It becomes a worldwide pandemic: professional golfers, pitchers, strikers, boxers -- their bodies are overtaken by total neophytes.

Vegas is steaming.

The Paranoid Boyfriend

A man comes home to find his girlfriend toweling herself off in the bathroom. He knocks on the bathroom door, she asks him to wait, but the man barges in anyway.

He pokes his nose in and around the sink before tearing open the shower curtain. He screams "AH-HA!"

To his amazement, however, the bathtub is empty.

Convinced his girlfriend is cheating on him and that her lover is hiding somewhere, the man goes on to scour his apartment.

He looks in the most ridiculous places. And with each place, he screams, "AH-HA!"